Newly Registered Doctors

Dr. Aziz Ul Qadir - Pulmonologist
Dr. Aziz Ul Qadir
Pakistan-Wah Cantt
Dr. Ehtisham Panhwar Pt - Physiotherapist
Dr. Ehtisham Panhwar Pt
Dr Habib Raja - Gastroenterologist
Dr Habib Raja
Dr. Farooq Nasim Bhatti - Sexologist
Dr. Farooq Nasim Bhatti

STARS of Tibi Sahulat

Dedicated to providing free online assistance to patients, these are top highly active, and committed to promptly answering the questions.

Dr. Naurin Akram  - Gynecologist
Dr. Naurin Akram
United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi
/ Verified
Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaikh  - Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaikh
Pediatric Cardiologist
/ Verified
Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ghori  - Urologist
Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ghori
Pakistan-Mandi Bahauddin
/ Verified
Dr. Rao Muhammad Arif Khan  - Eye Specialist
Dr. Rao Muhammad Arif Khan
Eye Specialist
/ Verified

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Tibi Sahulat is a rapidly growing doctor directory, medical content providor and online medical help platform. With its innovative approach to healthcare, Tibi Sahulat is revolutionizing the way people access medical care. The platform has introduced a free online medical consultation service, offering medical help and advice from mulitple doctors to those who are unable to reach a healthcare center.

Tibi Sahulat connects doctors and patients through smartphones, computers, and other devices, providing a time-saving and convenient telemedicine solution. Patients can easily reach their desired expert doctor and receive medical advice for any type of medical problem. The doctors gives accessible opinions, based on a detailed study of the patient's conditions and symptoms.

This is a significant step towards better medical health and redefining healthcare. With specialists available 24/7, patients can receive advice on their medical problems and get guidance on the next steps for treatment, which may include tests or medicine recommendations.

This online health consultation service was created in response to the growing public health concerns caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Patients can consult with a doctor anonymously in chat format, and the doctors, who are proficient in various specialties including general internal medicine, pediatrics, and many others, will respond. The patients also have the option to attach images to show visible symptoms.

Tibi Sahulat also introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) Boot Help for patient, patient select the disease and AI provides the detail information based on Patient input

Tibi Sahulat has verified and highly qualified expert doctors from around the world. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the platform provides the facility for patients to receive medical help from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

In addition to the online medical consultation services, Tibi Sahulat also offers a comprehensive Clinic Management System (CMS) to help doctors manage their practices. This software solution is known as the best healthcare software for doctor's practices worldwide, and is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

Clinic Management System / Software:
  • Register today and use it now
  • Store patients records
  • Online clinic appointment scheduling
  • Invoice for fee payment
  • Token generation for awaiting patients
  • Patient track records
  • Accounting Reports
  • Prescriptions and billing information
  • Online Consultation on Web
  • All records on your finger tips
  • Secure access from everywhere
  • Very easy to use
  • Data on Secure Hosting
  • Free training, 24/7 support
Clinic Management Software (C.M.S)

Answers of Doctors to Patients

(1). Please share details about your periods and pregnancy status and children if any . It will be easy to give useful advice after that.

(2). Placenta is location information is reliable at 20 weeks. No need to worry before that..

(3). Burning micturition is a symptom of urinary tract infection Go for these tests and then appointment with me ● Urine Complete Examination ● Urine Culture.

(4). When we urinate then after that some urine drops are left inside bcz of the S shape of urethra (pee tube). Take online appointment for detail discussion regarding this.