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Bilal Mirza

Bilal Mirza


Internal Medicine, General Physician

  • Gender Male
  • Fee 1000
  • Total Experience 7 Years


I am Dr. Bilal Mirza. I have close to 8 years of clinical experience dealing with medical patients in indoor as well as outdoor services. I have FCPS in internal medicine. My special interests include diseases of the respiratory tract, TB, stroke, Diabetes & endocrine abnormalities.

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). With aging near vision became weak and not functioning as normal. It also associates far vision in later life. As mention in your description that person is aged. So he just need good eye glasses after eye examination and if recommend get surgery . Also use fresh salads and yogurt in diet Bless you.

(2). I feel sorry for your painful experience of your illness. Please remember that this pain is due to your blood flow towards brain ( either rapid flow because of hypertension Or blockage of flow due to narrowing of your brain blood vessels) you should not stop your medicines . Must take every medicine even if you feel ok still you need to take them. Use water to drink slowly almost 8 glass in complete one day start counting your mug or glass of water and note down till you sleep. This is how you remember your water glass. Bless you.

(3). I feel sorry for your illness. Please note that at this age with so much weight your knees are unable to hold your body that is why you feel pain and something underneath. Firstly use glucophage tablet 500 mg morning and night times for at least 6 months. Do not stop even if you feel better. Take 6 months course. Also visit orthopaedic specialist doctor for medication or injection therapy. Bless you.

(4). I feel sorry for your painful experience of family member. Please note that female aging 50 plus years starts getting near or far vision problem it is our continent related community acquired disease. Go visit eye specialist and use surgical treatment or eye glasses usage. Start using any good multiplayer that contain all vitamins plus copper, zinc and magnesium. One tablet daily for at least 9 months. Bless you.

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