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Dr. Aftab Ahmad

Dr. Aftab Ahmad



  • Qualifications D.C.H, M.C.PS
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 500
  • Total Experience 15 Years


Im Gold Medalist Child Specialist with extensive experience of online Consultation of the patients. I have keen interest in managing diseases with Medications as well as Home Remedies and natural ways of treatment for childs diseases.

Al Mubarak Baby Care Hospital


Kuwait, Kuwait City

Monday to Sunday

08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). get complete liver function tests is he taking any medication.

(2). Most of the time leucorrhea is normal discharge.if it does not have foul smell,itching or any color change then its u r already having allergies so increase leucorrhea may be just another manifestation of it.u dnt need any treatment for this.but if u have itching its milky white discharge then its a fungal infection.if it is so then rule out diabetes n get ur HbA1c done from lab n show report.for fungal infection use cap.fluderm 150mg once in a week for 4 weeks.secondaly avoid any perfumed soaps in this area.avoid synthetic pads.use butterfly soft pads for periods.u can also use this capsule during periods if u experience itchy discharge after periods.use cranmax pro sachet one in half glass water daily for 2 weeks.discontinue homeopathic medicines.

(3). u should consult a neurosurgeon for these problems he may order a ct brain and then treat accordingly but neurosurgical consultation is must.thanks.

(4). It would be better to get a proper assessment from psychiatrist, with such few details assessment would not be possible. Regards.

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