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Dr. Ghaffar Ahmed

Dr. Ghaffar Ahmed



  • Gender Male
  • Fee 200
  • Total Experience 5 Years

Al Shifa


Shahpur mahar taluka khanpur mahar ghotki, Ghotki

Monday to Sunday

08:30 AM to 06:30 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Show to pschycologist n pschyciatrist n loose weight n do cbt.

(2). When did swelling started n warm red etc or uric acid issue.. Milk intake? Any pills? Familaetc.

(3). Hello Shamim If there is pain in whole chest radiating to both arms or neck and is increasing with walking or doing work you should go for atest Troponin I if test is negative you can go for exercise tolerance test if that test is negative too u have no cardiac issue but u can continue your medication,glycery trinitrate can cause headaches u can take paracetamol for headache if happens after these test you can stop drugs And also dont ever use azithromycin antibiotic with statin they can cause muscle pain.

(4). Ahmad Sadiq if i want to know if patient is still having difficulty in breathing when lie down straight And if Renal function tests and potassium are normal in range(fresh) And BP of the patient.

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