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Dr. Syed Faisal Usman

Dr. Syed Faisal Usman

Assistant Professor

Pediatric Surgeon

  • Qualifications MBBS, FCPS
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 1000
  • Total Experience 5 Years


We provide services regarding surgucal issues both in emergency as well as elective cases. My intrest is in congenital(by birth) problems which can be corrected like cleft lip palate, hernia, hydrocephalous, absent anal and urinary openings,etc

Chenab Hospital


Prince Hotel Street Nishtar Road Mjltan., Multan

Monday to Saturday

06:30 PM to 09:30 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Dark circles are due to sleepless night Or dehydration Or post nasal drip whats ur problem Drink 2l water Sleep at eight pm Use dark circle eye cream to hydrate Correct ur pndrip by using gargles n antiallergy.

(2). Get cbc done... Use surbex z daily for tendays onceaday Fefol three times aday.

(3). U should visit clinic via oladoc or marham Need to have ur ecg.. Cbc. Cholesterol n sgpt Creatinine done.

(4). Use 2l water aday Fresh fibrous fruit like melon.. Pear.. Banana Vegetables Isphaul husk daily Sit in warm water without pants for ten minute daily Use xylocaine gel before stool U can use laxobrene syp to pass loose stool.

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