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Dr. Abdur Rahman

Dr. Abdur Rahman


Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist

  • Qualifications M.B.B.S, FCPS (Pulmonology)
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 1000
  • Total Experience 7 Years


Chest Specialist / Pulmonologist. Specialist in all kinds of lung diseases. Cough, Asthma, Allergy, TB, Pneumonia, Breathing Difficulties etc.

Chest Specialist Clinic


Johar Town, Lahore, Lahore

Monday to Saturday

05:00 PM to 08:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). there is no significant differnces for age and time of operation, u can operate it now or later on, usually as an office procedure.

(2). we need to know at what time of pregnancy these losses occoured i mean early time up to 3 months each miscarraige u need to tell what was gest age /pattren how fetal loss happened any bleeding /any pain less watery loss and miscarraige happened u need to do antiphospholipid /anti cardiolipin antibodies if the losses happened early in pregnancy before 12 wks of pregnancy /fetal karyotype done or not?/parental karotype for balanced translocations or unbalanced translocations /transvaginal usg /hysterosalpingogram done or not ? thyroid functions diabetes testing ruling out any uterine leimyoma any uterine septum is also very important step to be done onc epregnat use folic acid /dydrogesterone /repated scans some times we need to do cervical cerclage (in case history suggests a case of cervcial incompetence).

(3). u need to do a speculum exam to check u r cervix by going to a hsopital u also need to do a transvaginal usg to rule out any other cause for thsi discahrge u need to do high vaginal swab and endocervcal swabs to rule out pid persistent vaginal discaharge needs cervical smear and colposcopy also to rule other lesions.

(4). age of both of u we need to know if any reports u need to share subfertility is usually ca se to be seen physically in clinis as needs a detailed examination of the couple share u r reports and as the rrespected colleague advised to start folic acid.

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