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Dr. Asad Aziz Siddiqui

Dr. Asad Aziz Siddiqui


General Practitioner

  • Qualifications M.B.B.S
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 0
  • Total Experience 25 Years


G.P/Family Practitioner with special focus in Diabetes and Family Medicine. In Pakistan and Foreign Medical Practice Experience. Ex- Resident in Family Medicine Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia. IMG in Canada.IMPORTANT PUBLIC MESSAGE:Please save yourself and your family from COVID-19. It’s not a dream but a fact. Follow the safe operation procedures at home and in public places. Wash your hands, keep the social distance, and wear mask at public places and markets. Immediately seek medical advice if you have recent cough, high grade fever, feeling intense weakness or fatigue, difficulty in breathing etc. Thanks

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Aoa Take tab. Kalv.... 1 tab daily with milk for 2 months Inj. Opt D... 1 Inj every week in a glass of milk fr 8 weeks Onita sachets... 1 sachet daily in half glass of water before breakfast... 2 months. Repeat xray after 15 more days. Advice.... Dn put any weight on the leg for total of 8 weeks. If pain is settling with time, fracture is uniting. If pain persists, fracture is not uniting & u will have to go for surgery. Xray after 15 days will guide further..

(2). Wsalaam bro. Severe twist means that u had ligamentous tear which is not visible on xray. At that time, u must had applied boot cast for a month. But as Now 3 months have passed, the matter is complicated now. Go to some rehab centre or prosthetist & order an AFO brace & wear it for 2 months. Also start these medicines. Tab. Kalsob... 1 tab daily fr 2 months Inj. D tres...1 Inj every week in a glass of milk fr 8 weeks Onita sachets... 1 sachet daily in half glass of water before breakfast for 2 months. For pain, use tab. Alkeris SR 1 tab daily.

(3). Wslaam dear. Answer these questions.. 1. Any neck pain? 2. Any burning feet especially at night? 3. Any tiredness especially in morning when u get up? 4. Any dryness of mouth? Also u have to show me an Xray cervical spine ... AP & lateral views.

(4). I need these labs. ESR Uric acid level Serum RA factor Vit d levels CRP Xray knee.

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