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Dr. Awais Rehman

Dr. Awais Rehman



  • Qualifications DPT
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 0
  • Total Experience 1 Year


This is Dr Awais Reham Doctor of physical therapy (DPT) feel free to contact me for consultation regarding my field.

Zahid Rehab Center Peshawar


Near MMC Hospital ring road peshawar, Peshawar

Monday to Friday

09:30 AM to 05:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). If this problem is more than one tearn Medicine will not help so go for surgery.

(2). Start metformin 1 gm morning and night with insulin ..

(3). Hi, Mr. Kharal please perform the following investigations first: * FBC+ESR * Sputum AFB * CXR Please, provide your history (cough, fever, weight loss, diet changes, night sweat, etc) also. I hope I answer your question. Regards.

(4). Hi, Miss Memona can you please tell me that the itchiness is also on the hidden areas where sweat comes alot such as in armpits, between the legs, under the knees, etc. If no, then please use the following medicine: Tab. Lorin NSA 10mg 1tablet daily for 5days in the evening I hope I answer your question. Regards.

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