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Dr. Azhar

Dr. Azhar



  • Gender Male
  • Fee 2500
  • Total Experience 8 Years


I am Dr Azhar, a Qulaified Health professional.Basically I am a Qualified Urologist and Andrologist(Men Sexual Health)Consultant. My Domain is to Provide Health Care to People so they can get Consultation I fraction of minutes.

Urology And Andrologist Clinic


Jawad Hospital Opposit Trauma Centre Kirri Alizae Dera Ismail khan, Dera Ismail Khan

Monday to Sunday

10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Dear Maarij. You can use your protein supplement. Avoid steroid mass gainers. Please Do Ultrasound breast to make sure whether it is true Gynecomastia or it is just a fatty tissue. Do Blood test including TSH, Free T4, serum prolactin, serum Estradiol E2, ALT. These tests are enough fir now..

(2). Dear Fizza Fazal. The height doesnot progress , once you have started menstruation. Or it can progress for an year or 2 after commencemnt of menses. Just do Xray Left Wrist n hand AP view and see whether your epiphysis have fused or not. If epiphysus are fused, then we cannot do anything for your height. More over send me your exact height and both of your oarents height..

(3). First of all, start antithyroid medication for hyperthyroidism. Secondly, iodized salt is safe ..

(4). The only endocrine reason for hypersalivation is enlarged tongue due to Acromegaly. Down sydrome patients also have Enlarge tongue with excess salivation. just do IGF 1 if you have tongue enlargment. otherwise, seek a Dentist, stop any tobacco pills if you are using it, use some stomach medications..

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