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Dr. Haseeb Ahmed

Dr. Haseeb Ahmed


General Physician

  • Qualifications MBBS
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 300
  • Total Experience 2 Years


Dr Haseeb Ahmed Sidhu MBBS - RMP currently working in private setups as General Physician with special interest in Paediatrics.

Saif Medical Center


Sukheke Mandi, Hafizabad

Monday to Sunday

05:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Dark urine is a sign of urine infection but get urself checked in clinic whether u need medicine secondly take cranmax sachet to avoid dark urine n drink 2l water almost in aday n avoid tea n coffee.

(2). U can take ORS sachet for motion once aday if 2-4 motions if more than more sachet.. Secondly can take flagyl 400mg TID to control infection.

(3). Osteo care tab... Or ossein... Once aday plus sunny D tab daily.

(4). 60 breath is normal less needs to b admitted.. Can give mild kahwa..honey soup... And yakhni steam.

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