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Dr. Muhammad Amin

Dr. Muhammad Amin



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Medical Practicing since 1996. Radiology field experience for 19 years

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Online clinic, Karachi


08:30 PM to 11:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). life style modification: drink plenty of water shoould be bolied, eat friuts and vegetables, do brisk walk, avoid taking cold drinks, tea, fried and junk food. get ultrasound upper abdomen, serum amylase level cap omega 20 mg 1+0+1 half hour before meal Tab domel 10 mg 1+1+1 half hour before meal tab samerol N 1+0+1 ispaghol husk 0+0+2.

(2). psychiatrist cant help you here go to psychologist.

(3). Salam.can you pls tell me that do you have any other diabetes or Tb .etc Are you taking medicines for any other ailments? How is your mood? How is your appetite and sleep?.

(4). Currently you need to do Stool for H.pylori test but due to this pandemic avoid going to any hospital or laboratory. Avoid spicy meals and fried foods, take plenty of water, take yogurt regularly. Continue your Esso 20 mg twice daily 15 min before meal..

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