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Dr. Nadeem Murtaza

Dr. Nadeem Murtaza


  • Gender Male
  • Fee 2500
  • Total Experience 35 Years


Dr. Nadeem Murtaza is a qualified Medical specialist -FCPS Medicine and FCPS Nephrology (Kidney specialist). He has a vast experience of treating patients with high blood Pressure, Diabetes and Kidney Diseases. Appropriate treatment slows the progression of chronic kidney disease which delays Hemodialysis. He emphasizes that all patients who have protein in their urine should seek consultation of a Nephrologist to avoid further damage to their kidneys.

Ali Medical Centre


f 8 markaz, Islamabad

Monday to Saturday

07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Hi, Mr. Kumar you must take Capsule Evion 400mg once a day for at least 1month after food. I hope I answered your question..

(2). Hi, Mr. Ali you must take Capsule Fluconazole 150mg once and apply Hydrozole cream twice a day for 1week. If the symptoms persist after once dose of Fluconazole, then take another Capsule Fluconazole after 1week. I hope I answered your question..

(3). Hi, Mr. Mehar you must take Tab. Prednisolone 5mg for 12days 2+2+2 (for 3days) 2+2+1 (for 2days) 2+1+1 (for 2days) 1+1+1 (for 2days) 1+1 (for 3days) Try to use chewing gum and blow balloons through you mouth. These techniques will strengthen the muscles of your face. I hope I answered your question..

(4). Hi, Mr Rasool please apply Hydrozole cream twice a day for atleast 2weeks on the affected areas. Also take Tablet Lorin-NSA 10mg once a day (whenever the itching is intense). I hope I answered your question..

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