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Dr. Saera Suhail Kidwai

Dr. Saera Suhail Kidwai

Head of Department

Internal Medicine, Rheumatologist, Diabetologist

  • Qualifications MCPS ,FCPS. CHPE
  • Gender Female
  • Fee 3000
  • Total Experience 15 Years


Prof. Saera Suhail Kidwai ( MCPS, FCPS -Int Med)is Heading the Department of Medicine in Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College , PAF Base Faisal Karachi. She is an excellent Consultant Physician with special interest in Diabetes and Rheumatology. She is an acamadecian, Supervisor and Examiner at CPSP . Her special trait is professionalism and empathy for her patients that they value and respect most.

Metropolis Health Care


Room 555 , 5 th floor . Block C .Doctors plaza . 2 talwar, Karachi


06:30 PM to 07:30 PM


06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

Online Video Consultation


Online Video Consultation, Karachi

Thursday to Friday

07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). your targets should be like this Fasting less than 95mg/dl and 2 hour postmeal should be less than 95mg/dl and if any times blood sugar goes less than 70mg/dl this is low sugar and should take half glass of juice and recheck ur sugar after 30 minutes. as far as sugar uncontrolled u should maintain calorie counting chart and reduce carbs in diet and adjust dose of levemier by adding 2 units if fasting is going above target and add 2 units of novorapid if postmeal comes above targets on every 3rd day and follow diet plan with life style modifications..

(2). You could be having supportive tonsillitis. All you need is to take antibiotics, antipyretics and gorgales.. Stay at home stay safe.

(3). Seems that you are having allergic rhinitis though you need to be examined for any deviated nasal septum and for polyp. I would recommend you to vaccinate yourself better to visit allergic vaccination center. They will find out as to what are you allergic to. Moreover, since its spring season and seasonal allergy peaks up these days you should be cautious. See to what your allergie gets aggravated eg pollens perfume curtain bed sheet cockroches etc... For time being start myteka 10mg morning plus rigix 10 mg at night plus rhinoson nasal spray subh shaam plus steam inhilation.

(4). Dnt worry about this. It’s normal it will fell down with time. Let him know to push the milk teeth with tongue on and off. It will fell down ABD the other will find space to come out. Dnt worry it’s normal.

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