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Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah


  • Gender Male
  • Fee 800
  • Total Experience 34 Years


I have worked as consultant ophthalmologist and Professor of ophthalmology in credible Eye institutes/medical universities in Pakistan and abroad. My special interest is in cataract and glaucoma surgery. I am author of a textbook on eye diseases and their management which is available across the globe through Amazon books. Presently I practice at Larkana Sindh Pakistan.

Syed Eye Clinic


Syed Eye Clinic near Mirokhan square Larkana, Larkana

Monday to Thursday

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Go for these tests ●CBC ●TSH ●Free T3 ●Free T4 ●25 hydroxy D3.

(2). It can be balanoposthitis. inflammation of the head of your penis and foreskin. Causes include poor hygiene, bacterial and fungal infections, allergies, STDs and STIs. Symptoms include pain, swelling and discoloration. Visit urology opd for proper management.

(3). Get Ultrasound KUB done so that we could know the cause of your urine infection, as urine infection is not very common in males. First of all drink lots of water and fluids. And start Cranmax Sachet, 1 sachet, 3 times/day for 3 days Tab Novidat 500mg, 1 tablet in morning and 1 at night. For 5 days. Tab Panadol 2 as per need(in case of fever or pain).

(4). Yes medicines are correct. And as advised by ur consultant go for lap chole after 1 week.

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