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Dr. Zahid Shehzad

Dr. Zahid Shehzad



  • Qualifications MBBS,M-Phil,MSPH, MCPS,FCPS (Uro)i
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 1000
  • Total Experience 15 Years


I am Dr.Zahid Shehzad, MBBS, M-Phil, MSPH, MCPS, FCPS(Uro)i, Member of International Society of Sexual Medicine (North America), Cerified Field Epidemiologist CDC Atlanta & FETP Pakistan. I am practicing as Urologist, Reproductive and Sexual Health Expert and Male Infertility Specialist at BVH ,a tertiary care hospital , at Bahawalpur Pakistan. I am Research fellow at Ziauddin University Karachi and Health Services Academy Islam Abad.

Male Infertility Clinic


C-9 Street#5, Medical Colony Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur

Monday to Saturday

05:30 PM to 09:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Aoa dear. Kindly use these medicines & tell me after a month. Insha Allah, u will be fine. Cap. Gabica 75mg 1 cap daily subuh shaam fr 1 month Cap. Thewril 4mg 1 tab daily subuh shaam fr 10 days Tab. Airtal ER 1 tab daily subuh shaam fr 20 days Cap. Sunny D 1 capsule every week with a glass of milk fr 8 weeks In case of any stomach pain, add cap. Delanzo DDR 60mg 1 daily before breakfast for 1 month... Advice... For 1 month, avoid climbing stairs or inclined planes, prolonged walks, prolonged sitting on a hard surface, prolonged standings & weight lifting..

(2). Aoa Take tab. Kalv.... 1 tab daily with milk for 2 months Inj. Opt D... 1 Inj every week in a glass of milk fr 8 weeks Onita sachets... 1 sachet daily in half glass of water before breakfast... 2 months. Repeat xray after 15 more days. Advice.... Dn put any weight on the leg for total of 8 weeks. If pain is settling with time, fracture is uniting. If pain persists, fracture is not uniting & u will have to go for surgery. Xray after 15 days will guide further..

(3). Wsalaam bro. Severe twist means that u had ligamentous tear which is not visible on xray. At that time, u must had applied boot cast for a month. But as Now 3 months have passed, the matter is complicated now. Go to some rehab centre or prosthetist & order an AFO brace & wear it for 2 months. Also start these medicines. Tab. Kalsob... 1 tab daily fr 2 months Inj. D tres...1 Inj every week in a glass of milk fr 8 weeks Onita sachets... 1 sachet daily in half glass of water before breakfast for 2 months. For pain, use tab. Alkeris SR 1 tab daily.

(4). Wslaam dear. Answer these questions.. 1. Any neck pain? 2. Any burning feet especially at night? 3. Any tiredness especially in morning when u get up? 4. Any dryness of mouth? Also u have to show me an Xray cervical spine ... AP & lateral views.

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