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Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik

Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik


General Physician

  • Gender Male
  • Fee 5000
  • Total Experience 17 Years


Hello.I am dr.muhammad imran malik ,i am graduate of 2006, have done my fcps training general medicine 2 years( 2009-2011)And passed IMM (2013)at Services hospital lahore ,moved to ireland ,Worked as General medicine /acute medicine registrar from 2011-2019 ,Passed irish PRES exam in 2015, Passed MRCP UK in full 2016 ,i also have USMLE STEP 2 , ,I have ALso PAssed UK GP exam Called MSRA ,Currently working As General medicine/Geriatric registrar in UK since 2019 I have vast experience in managing acute cases as well chronic medical cases.

Healing Helper Medical Zone


24 Ripley Street, Keighley

Saturday to Sunday

12:00 PM to 08:30 PM

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(1). control your stress get yourself checked by dermatologist in person if you have dandruff or any other scalp condition that needs to be treated well -oiling can harm your scalp as ,it prevents natural oil in your scalp to seed your hair follicles -check you bloods ,especially Vitamin D -depending on your scalp condition ,combination mesotherapy with prp could benefit with topical 5 topical minoxidil for thickening as well resistant case Either FUE or FHT hair transplant may be the last option.

(2). if it has been diagnosed by the neurologist after examining you ,then you can take propanolol 10mg once daily and after one week increase to 10 mg twice daily if your blood pressure is alright. dont take it if you have asthma .regards.

(3). hello . were you seen by dermatologist or your local doctor? had u had any treatment that time? if not had treatment ,then you can use topical miconazole cream twice daily ,and continue for 10 days after it has healed ,DONT STOP IF IT GETS BETTER ONLY -if you already had cream used-then u might need oral antifungal also keep your inner legs clean and dry , sweating can cause return of fungus , drink lots of water and check for your Diabetes.

(4). hello. -if you take tea/coffee excessively please cut it down dont take nap during day -dont watch tv or use mobile or other gadgets 3 hours before going to bed -if you exercise dont exercise hard before going to bed -do go for walk or exercise in day if you got stress please control it .. -keep your temprature of room low if possible while going to bed -if it doesnt helps can try zolpidem or melatonin regards.

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