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Muhammad Salman Khan

Muhammad Salman Khan


Plastic Surgeon, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Dermatologist

  • Gender Male
  • Fee 2000
  • Total Experience 4 Years


Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan is a professional cosmetic and consultant plastic surgeon with all due licenses and certificates at Cosmetic Expert, Peshawar. Muhammad Salman Khan got his MBBS degree in Pakistan. Pursuing his career as professional cosmetic surgeon was his aim since the very beginning. He went to FCPS institute to study, learn and practice plastic surgery and got FCPS certified consultant surgeon.Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan also served as a consultant plastic surgeon at Burns and Plastic Surgery Center, Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar and helped many people by giving them confidence in their bodies. He is a leading plastic surgeon in Peshawar with specialties in body contouring, facial contouring and hairtransplant. Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan has a command over hair restorative procedures and surgeries; he uses techniques like FUT, FUE, Unshaven FUT, Unshaven FUE, and hybrid technique for hair transplant.

Cosmetic Expert Hair Transplant , Skin And Plastic Surgery Clinic


Bhittani Plaza 3a Park Avenue, Peshawar, 25000, Peshawar

Monday to Saturday

11:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). First off weight u have mentionef is quite concerning,that actually need some exploration via a proper consult. In regards to black spot on Penis it can be a benign mole to Melanoma as well but would neec examination or assessment via pics,u need a consult.

(2). If heart related investigations have come ok then its time to look for any Lung/Ribs and soft tissues,I would suggest getting an MRI Chest that can assess ur Lungs as well as Bones and soft tissues in ur Chest Area.I assume ur Blood pressure is fine and there is no recent cough or breathing issue with it?.

(3). Wasalam . Mupir ointment can be used thrice daily . Also kindly mention location of impetigo lesion And for soothing purpose u may apply sudo cream once the lesion is healed with mupir ointment..

(4). If Hemrrhoids have already been seen by Clinician and diagnosed then it depends what degree of Hemerhoid u have n how many times u r getting flare ups ,rectal bleeding with it,if its too much,see General Surgeon for surgical intervention.If they are Thrombosed meaning turning blue,its an emergency and attend AE. If its not bothering u much,keep ur Bowels regular and do regular Twice Daily Sitz Bath and keep ur Diet simple. If Hemrrhoids have not been diagnosed by Clinician,see one asap.

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