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Dr. Mujahid Ullah

Dr. Mujahid Ullah


Pediatric Surgeon

  • Qualifications MBBS, FCPS (paeds surgery)
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 1000
  • Total Experience 4 Years


I am a consultnant paediatric surgeon with an experience of above four years in above mentioned speciality. I offer my consultation and surgical expertise for most of the paediatric surgical cases, whether elective or emergency, in a best possible way. If u have a neonate, infant , toddler or child with surgical problem , feel free to contact.

Bahadar Khel Medicose Karak City


Karak city, Karak

Monday to Thursday

02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Dr Mujahid


Hussain laoratory, Karak

Friday to Saturday

08:30 AM to 03:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Please visit any good psychologist for cognitive behaviour therapy ( CBT) and no drug. Besides you also need physical activity for about an hour in morning time. You also need listening good music of your choice daily for 10-15 minutes at night. Also, you should start reading books ( anything , history, science fiction, real novel biography or romantic novel or anything) at night time. Bless you.

(2). I feel sorry for your illness. This is psychological pain You should start working physical activity like arms legs body exercise) Also take shower of cold water when feeling pain Eat khujoor Dahi And banana During your sad days. It gradually become better with times. If you let it go. If you keep think about your past. It wont go. And cause you trouble. Bless you.

(3). Aoa , plz explain whether the blood is fresh or clotted or mixed , how much quantity of blood comes out like a tissue paper is used or half a cup or less ?? Also how does it stop that is what do u have to do . Do get a blood complete picture and PT/PTTK done and share the labs . Meanwhile monitor ur blood pressure and use liquid paraffin two drops thrice a day and salinase nasal drops thrice a day . Avoid finger trauma to nasal septum during wazoo ..

(4). If u have nasal obstruction on one side with deviated nasal septum it is best to review by a good ent surgeon as he will correct the deformity and obstructive element.

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