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Prof. Dr. Ali Hassan Sajid

Prof. Dr. Ali Hassan Sajid


Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon

  • Qualifications BSc, BDS, FCPS, MHPE
  • Gender Male
  • Fee 2500
  • Total Experience 18 Years


Working as a Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Leading Hospitals of the Lahore to manage the patients suffering from: Oral/mouth Cancer, Facial fractures, Jaw cysts & Tumors, Dental-Facial Deformity, Oro-Facial Infections, Salivary gland disorders, Facial/Jaw pain & to help those patients who require wisdom tooth surgery & Dental implants.

Surgimed Hospital


Surgimed Hospital 1 Zafar Ali Road Lahore, Lahore

Monday to Friday

04:00 PM to 06:00 PM

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Some Recent Responses of Doctors to Patients' Queries

(1). Hi, Miss Hania Zainab can you please provide some more detail of your condition. Meanwhile, you can start the following medicines: * Tab. Lorin NSA 10mg 1tablet daily in the evening for 10days. * Tab. Myteka 10mg 1tablet daily every night for atleast a month. I hope I answer your question. Regards.

(2). Hi, Mr. Ali please check your eye sight with an optician and also use the following medicines: * Nebra eye drops 2drops 3times aday for 5days. * Tab. Atmos 10mg 1tablet daily in the evening for 5days. I hope I answer your question. Regards.

(3). Dear safa, your symptoms most probably suggest urinary tract infection. kindly get your cue done from a good lab and if it shows infection than we will go for c/s urine. take plenty of water. start cranmax sachet 2 to 3 times a day and prophylactically drink 1 sachet of monurol 3g dissolved in half glass of water only for 1 time. hope it will resolve your problem. do update.

(4). Hi, Mr. Waqas please perform the following investigations and consult a cardiologist in your area near by: * FBC * ECG * ECHO * Urine R/E * RFTs (blood urea+serum creatinine) Please dont take norvasc or other anti-hypertensive medication without proper diagnosis of hypertension(high blood pressure). I hope I answered your question. Regards.

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