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Prof Dr Arif Raza Khan

Prof Dr Arif Raza Khan

Otorhinolaryngologist E.n.t
Ent Surgeon
Health Professions Educationist


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. • Professor. BPS-20., Department of Otorhinolaryngology,Kuwait Teaching Hospital, Peshawar Medical College,Peshawar,Pakistan. 01-08-2021 to till date. Public Services Commission,NWFP (KP) JOBS • Chairman. BPS-20. ,Department of Otorhinolarygology at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan. 13-5-2017 to 12-5-2020 • Vice Dean. BPS-20., Khyber Medical College,Peshawar-Pakistan . 08-7-2019 to 12-5-20. • Professor . BPS-20. Khyber Medical College,Peshawar-Pakistan. 26-3-2018 to 01-8-21. • Worked as also. 1. Junior Registrar. 2. Senior Registrar. 3. District Specialist. 4. Assistant Professor. 5. Associate Professor. • Medical Officer BPS-17 (Full time job in school Health Services Abbottabad Pakistan from 23-04-1989 . AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. 1. Merit Scholarship from the University of Peshawar every Year throughout the studies of Khyber Medical College Peshawar Pakistan . CO-CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES At Present Post. 1. Joint Controller Of Examinations, College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSP) of Pakistan. 2. Chairman Academic Committee. 3. Chairman Disciplinary Committee. 4. Chairman Proctorial Board. 5. Undergraduate Examiner. 6. Postgraduate Examiner. 7. Postgraduate training Supervisor. 8. Undergraduate Paper setter. 9. Postgraduate paper setter. 10. Member Research Committee. At Past Positions 1. . Member Clinical Executive Board MTI KTH,Peshawar. 2. Member Scrutiny Committee for Selection/Promotion of Teaching Staff. 3. Member IBP Committee. 4. Executive Secretary of Publication Evaluation Committee. 5. First in the line of the Public Sector Hospitals where started the state of the Art Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS),since 2013. 6. Doing Institutional Based Practice(IBP). 7. Member of Executive Council of Teachers Association of Khyber Medical College. 8. Examiner of Postgraduate Examinations. 9. Supervisor of FCPS-II,MCPS examinations. 10. Chief/ Facilitator for Surgical Skills Workshops. 11. Managing Editor Journal of Medical Science, KMC. 12. Executive Secretary Scrutiny Committee KTH/KMC/KCD. 13. Chairman Scrutiny and Recruitment Committee.KTH. 14. Chairman Scrutiny Committee (for Clinical gazatted staff ) MTI KTH. 15. Chairman Ethical Review Board, MTI KTH. 16. Chairman Inspection Committee (0.5 million & above) KTH.

Address: Room no B-15,Second Floor ,Dabgari Gardens, Peshawar

02:00 PM to 07:00 PM

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