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Dr. Adil Hamayun

Dr. Adil Hamayun

Plastic Surgeon
Pediatric Gastroenterologist


Dr. Adil Humayun is a cosmetic dermatologist and a professional clinical cosmetic consultant and holds medical licenses at Cosmetic Expert, Peshawar. Adil Humayun Studied MBBS from Pakistan. Completing MBBS was just the first step towards mastering the cosmetic dermatology. Later he studied DCDD in Thailand and japan with learning and practicing lasers and hair restoration procedures. He worked immensely and had extensive training in the field of dermatology. The time spent in Thailand and japan with best names in cosmetic industry and being associated with some of the top organizations gave him the recognition and a well-deserved place in cosmetic industry. Adil Humayun also served in dermatology department of Naseer Ullah Khan Babar Memorial Government Hospital and changed lives of many people. There is a wide range of cosmetic procedures he specializes in, some of which are; laser hair removal, treatment of scars and dark spots, dermal fillers, facelift, jowl tightening and many more.

Cosmetic Expert Hair Transplant , Skin And Plastic Surgery Clinic
Address: Bhittani Plaza 3a Park Avenue, Peshawar, Peshawar
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11:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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