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Dr. Asad Aziz Siddiqui

Dr. Asad Aziz Siddiqui

General Practitioner


G.P/Family Practitioner with special focus in Diabetes and Family Medicine. In Pakistan and Foreign Medical Practice Experience. Ex- Resident in Family Medicine Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia. IMG in Canada.IMPORTANT PUBLIC MESSAGE:Please save yourself and your family from COVID-19. It’s not a dream but a fact. Follow the safe operation procedures at home and in public places. Wash your hands, keep the social distance, and wear mask at public places and markets. Immediately seek medical advice if you have recent cough, high grade fever, feeling intense weakness or fatigue, difficulty in breathing etc. Thanks

Smartfam Tele Clinic
Address: 109-315 Hampton Circle, Saskatoon
Monday to Friday

09:30 PM to 11:00 PM

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